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Why Choose A Wood Fired Hot Tub?
There are very many reasons why you might decide to get a wood fired hot tub instead of a standard hot tub. Let’s look at some of them
Cost savings
The best wood fired hot tubs all use wood as their heat source. Not only is wood a sustainable fuel resource, but you get to save on your electricity costs in the long run. 
It uses regular tap water
The fact that it uses regular tap water once more saves on costs. This is because you do not need to add any harsh chemicals of any sort. All you need is to place your hot tub on a flat surface, use your hosepipe to add some tap water, and heat it up! Simple, isn’t it?
When you decide your water is no longer clean enough, simply empty and refill. An added bonus is that you can recycle this water for your garden, as it contains no chemicals that may potentially hurt your plants.
Simple yet stylish
The wood-finished exterior of a wood fired hot tub is simple, yet it is stylish in appearance, fitting in perfectly in any outside environment. Made of natural wood, they are resistant to the elements as well and will give many years of pleasure before needing a revamp.
What Are The Pros Of A Wood Fired Hot Tub?
Just like with anything in life worth having, there are pros and cons attached. Luckily, however, in the case of a wood fired hot tub, the pros outweigh the cons by far!
Cedar and water DO mix. Although most kinds of wood tend to rot when in constant contact with water, cedar wood is the exception. Cedar wood expands when in contact with water, which is a good thing, as it means you have less chance of springing a leak. Any expansion joints in your wood fired cedar hot tub will swell and tighten, without allowing water to seep away.
Aesthetically appealing
The sight of wood in your garden or yard adds to its aesthetic appeal, as wood, a naturally-occurring material, blends in with your garden – perfectly. Add to this the slow weathering ability of  wood and its durability, and you have an outside feature that adds appeal for years.
Costs less than you may think
Compared to standard hot tubs heated with electric,, a wood fired hot tub actually costs much less. In most cases, depending on what you pick, you could even have most of the exact same features.

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